Sunday, July 19, 2009

I miss school

I've been feeling the urge to write growing recently. This happens whenever I don't do it enough. It's been almost two full months since I graduated, which also means it's been almost two full months since I've written anything of consequence. Emails don't really count. An essay. An argument. A well thought out piece of writing. That's what I miss doing. And I've recently read a few really good fanfictions, which always make me feel like I could write good fanfic, if only I had the drive to sit down with an idea, flesh it out fully, and then actually go all the way through writing it. It usually doesn't happen. I usually stop somewhere between coming up with an idea and sitting down to do anything about it. Sometimes I write down some notes for it, but that's usually where it ends.

Or maybe I could do something that actually needs doing: revising my thesis and sending it to the Pace Library so that they can publish it. My problem with that is there's no deadline on when I can send it to them. But I don't want to wait until after I start classes at Hunter, because then I probably won't have time to do any extra curricular writing, specially of that magnitude.

I miss typing even. I don't do enough of it anymore. Well, of course I type, but I don't do enough writing of any length to actually be satisfying. Most of the things I've written in the past two months have been short. A few sentences max. Well, I guess that settles it: tomorrow, when I sit at home and do nothing, I'll write something. Yay me.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Updating Goals

I wanted to go through my goals from last semester and update them. It's also time to come up with new goals. They'll be added at the end of the post, after I analyze everything that I've accomplished so far.

 My Goals

This semester:

1. Finish thesis.(DONE)
2. Be proud of each paper you hand in Spring 09 semester. (DONE)0
3. Graduate with at least a 3.5 (DONE - 3.53)
4. Apply to >1 grad school program. <--Hunter, TC, Adelphi (DONE) 5. Find a job that pays >$13. (PART-TIME, BUT DONE)
6. Work more at work. (DONE)
7. Hang out with school people outside of school. (DONE)
8. Get savings back up to $500. (FAIL)

Goals for the next two years:

1. Do something for Zach that is equal to him buying me an engagement ring
2. Lose 15 lbs and keep it off.
3. Drink only water and tea for one month.
4. Eat 3 fruit everyday for one month.
5. Exercise five days a week for one month.
6. Learn how to cook 20 easy meals.
7. Create my own cookbook.
8. Earn my degree in English and Women's Studies with at least a 3.5 GPA. (undergrad degree) (DONE)
9. Revamp my wardrobe.
10. Finish a masters program.
11. Figure out a career.
12. Travel abroad.
13. Write on the beach.
14. Whiten teeth.
15. Camp out on the beach with friends.
16. Improve posture. (IMPROVING)
17. Go to (at least) 4 yoga classes. <-- I love it!
18. Buy three staple dresses that I look amazing in. (SHOCKINGLY... I GOT 5)
19. Photo-document an entire day.
20. Go to a spa and get the works.
21. Travel to the west coast.
22. Learn how to make apple pie from scratch. (DONE)
23. Make a giant sandcastle.
24. Donate blood.
25. Bake a cake for five people.
26. Make peanut butter from scratch. 
27. Make orange juice from scratch.
28. Write every day.
29. Send out Christmas cards. (2008 - I did!)
30. Find a signature drink. <-- Captain Morgan and Coke or Samual Adams Boston Lager. 31. Take vitamins every day for three months. 32. Take Zach out for a really nice evening "on the town". 33. Lay in the grass and do nothing. 34. Get into Grad School. (HUNTER)

Goals for Fall 2009

1. Get at least a 3.3 GPA
2. Cook dinner at home at least once a week.
3. Contribute $25 a week to our mutual savings account.
4. Feel comfortable working at the law firm.
5. Buy a new TV.
6. Choose a date for the wedding (as well as location and if possible, dress). 
7. Reach 160 lbs.
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