Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Roland Offices

Upon arriving at the 5th Ave. NRW station, I make sure to take the exit that surfaces at 60th St., not 59th. I then walk across 60th St., going about halfway down the block before I walk up the two steps to enter the office building. In past years, the building had been a hotel, and being placed between 5th Ave. and Madison Ave., you would be correct in guessing that it was quite an upscale hotel. I love entering the elaborately decorated marble lobby. After swiping my id card, I glance over at the gigantic tapestry hanging on the left wall behind the security desk. While I wait for one of the two elevators on the right wall, I glance up the grand-looking staircase to the right, which is constantly barred by modest red velvet ropes. The elevator takes me up to the fourth floor, where I enter the first office on the right, Roland Offices. Behind the door is the most prominent decoration in the office, a floor to ceiling bookshelf filled with law books. Three wooden chairs with modern-art inspired cushioned chairs line the wall on the right, just feet before I arrive at my desk. It is up against the left wall, right after the door to my boss's office (which is book lined and often incredibly cluttered, but with a window that would be beautiful, if it didn't overlook a brick wall). My desk is uncluttered; a computer, phone, pen cup and message book are the only things on it on a regular basis. To my right is a small window, that, if it was able to admit any sunshine would be quite pleasant, but as it is, it affords me a wonderful view of some grey bricks. Behind me is the coffee station, mini-fridge and copier. And beyond the copier is the office of my other boss (who happens to be married to the first boss; it's quite entertaining observing them all day).

One of my most important jobs is to keep the coffee pot full, and my bosses only accept the most gourmet of coffees. I have absolutely no problem with this part of the job because I am not in the habit of turning down free, delicious coffee. Yesterday I worked for four hours and had to write one letter. I also answered the phone twice, and once it was my boss's father. Today I've been at work for almost three hours and I've answered the phone five or six times, and each time all I had to do was take the caller's name and pass it on to my boss. I have been encouraged to do homework or read while at work, and I look forward to sitting in Central Park (half a block away from our office) during my lunch hour.

So far the only drawbacks with this job have been that my desk chair is extremely squeky, and the heels that I have been wearing for the past two days are not incredibly comfortable. But if those are the worst parts of the job, I can definitely deal with them.
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Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr