Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Awesome Groomsmen Gift

I just saw this posted on Etsy, and thought it was amazing!

Part of the description reads "My husband created this custom poster as a gift for his groomsmen. Some of them used to be in a band together, so the theme was a concert poster promoting "The Groomsmen". The concert date corresponds with the wedding itinerary. The picture of the theater was a local venue in Savannah, GA where we got married. The words on the theater marque read 'Will their frontman take the plunge?' You get the idea. It's nice to give your close friends/relatives a more personal gift that involves some thought. Or, you could just get them cufflinks...."

I think this is SUCH a cool idea, and I feel like Zach and his groomsmen would love something like this. Obviously, since it's a custom item, it would be different, but this general idea is super cool.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Wedding Planning Update

We've still made no decisions. At all.


Well, we've decided that we don't usually like traditional wedding cakes, so we're pretty much sure we want a cheesecake. But that might actually be the only thing we've decided on so far.

So I'd like to just keep track of a few ideas for now.

Zach wants something fun, possibly slightly outrageous, and the funnier the better. He'd like something quirky which says "This is Zach and Rose's wedding." Basically, he wants it all to be individualized, and not at all generic. I agree.

While looking at The Knot, I came across some fun ideas, which I'd like to record here, so that they'll be easy for me to find, and to get anyone's opinion on them, if they feel like sharing.

A couple created comic book wedding invitations. More pictures are available at Heidi Ryder's blog, but I just think this idea is so cool.

This is awesome. My whole family is big on pictures. Each of my Aunts and Uncles has at least one wall of their house devoted to family pictures. My dad is special, so he has a whole room. But I would love to have a wall of our families' wedding pictures at the reception. I think that would be so special. Spectacular photo from Julia Newman.

Another idea that I absolutely love is this creative, 3-D photobooth photo wall. It would be beyond perfect. Photo via the incredibly talented Elizabeth Messina.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cupcake Stop

The other day, I went someplace heavenly.

No, that's not enough of a build-up.

Let me explain. During the spring, I learned of an intriguing business. It's founded on the principles that New Yorkers are always on the move, love sweets, and would be highly entertained if they could hunt down a truck full of delicious cupcakes via Twitter.

This divinely portable cupcake distributor drives around the city, telling people where it can be found. Oh, and the cupcakes? They're amazing. You would think, it's a truck, how high could the cupcake quality be? OMFGSOHIGH! That's how high.

Also, another misconception you might have - the flavors of these aforementioned delicious cupcakes, there can't be that many, right? Or they aren't too creative?


Oh the flavors.

Mint chocolate chip. Red velvet. Chocolate Peanut Butter. S'more. Raspberry Creme. HEAVEN!

The Mint Chocolate Chip was suprisingly minty and chocolatey. The Red Velvet, while not the greatest Red Velvet in the world, was incredibly moist and delicious. The S'more was perfectly chocolatey, with real marshmallow icing (I have no idea how) and graham crackers sprinkled on top. The Raspberry creme, well, this was my least favorite, which means that it was simply delicious, nothing more. It was a regular cupcake with creamy raspberry icing. But my all-time favorite, by far, was the Chocolate Peanut Butter. It was perfection. Warm, moist chocolate cup cake smothererd in a magical layer of peanut butter icing. Oh! I get excited just thinking about it.

Friday, September 4, 2009


I've been trying to get back into the swing of blogging for a while now, pretty much all summer. But I never seem to have the motivation. I think, however, that Kerrie may have found the perfect thing to motivate me. Her most recent blog post about installing Google Analytics into her blog to see if anyone reads her blog, and who they are. I LOVE THIS IDEA!

Also, I have just started grad school at Hunter, and while it looks like it is going to be very pleasantly challenging, I think that I would like to have an outlet to talk about all of my new experiences.

For example, whoever designed Hunter College was a sadist. Do you know how to get to any of the first 7 (or 8, haven't figured it out yet) floors? Escalator. But floors 8 and up are accessible by elevators from floors 3 and up. And to get to the East side? Breezeway on the 3rd floor. Also, I have no idea how or where to get my student ID, which means that I can't access any of the school's facilities like the library or in ground swimming pool.

But it's not all bad. Actually, as soon as you enter the classrooms (granted you are able to find them in the first place - did I mention that the numbering and placement of rooms makes absolutely NO SENSE?), everything is great. I enjoyed each of my four classes this week, three of which are being taught by PhD students. Two of them seem very experienced and knowledgeable, while one seems cute in his inexperience. He seems to know a lot about the topic he's teaching, and he has experience teaching HS, which is what we're learning about - he just hasn't taught people how to teach before, so it'll be interesting. And my last professor is the perfect stereotype of an English professor that it makes me laugh: tall, skinny, pale, wearing a button down shirt and a bow-tie, fluffy white hair and a big white beard. Plus, he forgot half of the syllabus and gave us a "fifteen minute Kant" lecture, which he was quite impressed with.

Overall, a good first week.

Now, how do I find this Google Analytics?
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