Friday, October 16, 2009

Dessert Bars!


Ignoring the vegan aspects, this is heavenly. I want all of it. And I want it now.

And again, I'm also too lazy to write a full post, but just go read hers, it says (and shows) everything that I would want to say.

I'd just like to draw your attention to the Chocolate Cake Lollipops in the 2nd and 3rd pictures. Yes. Chocolate Cake. On a lollipop. How delicious.

Both pics from Jesi Haack Weddings/Sweet & Saucy Treats Dessert Bar via the Vegan Bride.

Friday, October 9, 2009

New Favorite

I recently stumbled upon this blog post when Feministing had it on their front page.

Guest Blogger Starling: Schrödinger’s Rapist: or a guy’s guide to approaching strange women without being maced

It is amazing. I want very much to write a review on it, but I have zero energy right now, so I'll include a brief excerpt from it.

Gentlemen. Thank you for reading.

Let me start out by assuring you that I understand you are a good sort of person. You are kind to children and animals. You respect the elderly. You donate to charity. You tell jokes without laughing at your own punchlines. You respect women. You like women. In fact, you would really like to have a mutually respectful and loving sexual relationship with a woman. Unfortunately, you don’t yet know that woman—she isn’t working with you, nor have you been introduced through mutual friends or drawn to the same activities. So you must look further afield to encounter her.

So far, so good. Miss LonelyHearts, your humble instructor, approves. Human connection, love, romance: there is nothing wrong with these yearnings.

Now, you want to become acquainted with a woman you see in public. The first thing you need to understand is that women are dealing with a set of challenges and concerns that are strange to you, a man. To begin with, we would rather not be killed or otherwise violently assaulted.

“But wait! I don’t want that, either!”

Well, no. But do you think about it all the time? Is preventing violent assault or murder part of your daily routine, rather than merely something you do when you venture into war zones? Because, for women, it is.

Also, the more I read this blog, the more I love it in general. I think they've just won a new follower.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


This print on Etsy reminded me that I love ranunculus (ranunculae?). Which, after googling, I found out is commonly called the Persian buttercup. Anyway. They're adorable.

And possibly worthy of a wedding bouqeut?


This blog, Engagemental, has a beautiful post about using ranunculus(ae? I really want to know!) for a wedding. It's super beautiful. Which isn't surprising, because it looks like she found the pictures from InStyle Weddings.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Doxie Art

I want this so badly.

In my dream world, where I have a spacious, sunny apartment, I have several different dog-themed pieces of art.

Sort of like this or this or this.

And we can't forget the ridiculously adorable Christmas cards that I had last year.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Saja Wedding Dresses

I think I'm in love.

With these dresses.

I'm almost contemplating leaving work, just so I can go to their store and try them on. It's right off of West Houston. It would take me less than 20 minutes to get there. But who would go with me? I can't try on wedding dresses for the first time alone.

Soon though. I have to go soon.

Really, I would love to try on all of the dresses. Some of them aren't my style at all, they just look so gorgeous and flowy and nice!
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Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr