Thursday, March 20, 2008

Did I get on the Crazy Train?

So my ride home from work today on the train was.... bizarre.

I pulled out my book and began reading as soon as I got on the train. Two stops later, three... kids got on. They couldn't have been more than 15 and they were loud and obnoxious. After shouting mindlessly for a few minutes, the one girl in the group turned to me and asked me what I was reading. Upon showing her the cover, she stared blankly at it for a few seconds, and then I explained that it was a story about King Arthur. Her blank look didn't change, and she asked me if he was English. King Arthur?? Of course he's English - who doesn't know who King Arthur is? But she just started laughing and scoffing about dead white men. Because mocking what you don't know always makes you seem more intelligent.

These youths continued to mock everyone on the train, as loudly as they could. And about halfway home, this troupe of Christians came onto the train. I can't call them anything besides a troupe. .There was one guy preaching about his love for Jesus, while the other people in his group sat or stood around the car. As he was talking, the trio was shouting and mocking him. They repeated everything he said and laughed whenever he paid attention to him. As soon as the main guy stopped talking, they all turned to the people near them and began asking what they had thought about the guy's speech. One girl asked me how I felt about Jesus. Then we came to the next station, and they all got off. It was odd.

A few stops after that, the trio got off, and I could hear them hollaring as we pulled out of the station. I finally got home, and was very wary as I walked home. I was afraid of running into more weird people.


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