Sunday, February 15, 2009

So I discovered something phenomenal the other day: It's amazing. And so much fun. I made soooo many pictures. First is my glorious sister Dawn being intense. Grrrr

I took three of the best pictures of Zach and I (there weren't too many to choose from), and I titled them all "Love" because I'm cheezy like that. It's actually in chronological order too. But that's completely on accident. First is us kissing in the Maria's Tower dorm freshman year, Renee probably took this picture. The next is Christmas day after Zach proposed to me and the last is at Nikki's Black Light New Year's Eve party this year.

I also have two of my favorite pictures from Mattituck that I edited. Our beautiful green house and then some of the chairs in front of the yellow house.

There are also a few miscellaneous pictures. This first one is me at Nikki's formal New Year's Eve party last year. Then there's Turbo, my beyond spastic dog. Me, again in the Maria's Tower Dorm (this is around the time of my ideal weight). And one of my favorites: Zach dressed as Captain Hammer preparing for the New York Comic Con.

I had a lot of trouble making pictures with Nicole, Nikki and Me in them. Nicole is too dark, and I'm too light, and when the three of us were in the shot, either Nicole was all dark with no definition, or I was all white with no definition. So I finally gave up and make seperate pictures of us. Plus... Dawn and Bonnie with matching faces of scorn. :)


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Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr