Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I've been a bit unenthusiastic about blogging lately, partially because I've actually been doing a lot of thesis work lately. I'm not going to write a long post right now, mostly because I have a good deal of reading for tomorrow's class, and because I actually still do have a lot of work to do for my thesis, which is due in 5 weeks. And I'm meeting with my thesis advisor tomorrow. Whoopie. 

But the great news: I'm finally going to Bonnaroo! And the even better news: I'm going with my two best friends - on a road trip! This is a huge combination of a whole bunch of things that I've wanted to do since I was 16, all in one! This year's line-up isn't quite as good as it has been in past years, but I'm excited about seeing a bunch of the bands, and the comedians as well (which I never actually knew they had, but apparently they do).  I was thinking earlier, right about now, about the only things that I could imagine making this trip better would be to have Dispatch playinig there, and for it to be free. But seeing as I've already seen Dispatch's final reunion tour and payed the first payment for my ticket, I don't really see either of them happening. But still, would be totally happy with either!

Btw... I wrote this post about a week ago, and apparently just forgot to publish it. What a jerk-ass.


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