Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dress 1

This is Zach's favorite dress. I love the way I look in it and I like the detail and the ruffle at the back; however, I don't like that it's made of a heavy-ish satin. For a daytime, Spring wedding, I'd like to have a dress that's more of a lace or chiffon fabric. The dress is in the Galina Signature from David's Bridal.


Kerrie said...

Omgosh the back is amazing. I still like #3 more, though.

Blammm said...

Out of all of them, I think this one shows off your body the best (which is probably why Zach likes it the best). Your hips are pretty narrow comparatively to the rest of your body so it doesn't make you look crazy hippie like it would to some people (like me). There aren't a lot of people who can pull mermaid/trumpet off, but I think you do here.

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