Sunday, June 7, 2009


Oh the things I have to write about this camping trip. Let's make a quick list: 

1. Playing initials never gets old.
2. Thank you rain gods for giving us a lucky break.
3. As lame as PBR is.... it's an awesome beer. Period.
4. Everything cooked over a fire or hibachi always tastes better.
5. No camping trip is complete without a trip to the hospital. I'm so sorry Steve. No more wood-chopping near you.
6. EVERYTHING cooked over a fire or hibachi tastes better.
7. Packing up camp is never as hard as you think it will be.
8. Navigating a mini-van through traffic w/o being able to see through the back window is a huge confidence boost.
9. I'm so sorry you got hurt Steve.
10. I took the best shower OF MY LIFE when I got home.
11. Wii's PUNCH OUT is an awesome game... but shockingly racist... and I mean RACISIT. Not a little... a LOT.

..... and back to finishing watching Finale of Make Me a Super Model. 


Kerrie said...

...??? What happened to Steve??

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