Sunday, July 19, 2009

I miss school

I've been feeling the urge to write growing recently. This happens whenever I don't do it enough. It's been almost two full months since I graduated, which also means it's been almost two full months since I've written anything of consequence. Emails don't really count. An essay. An argument. A well thought out piece of writing. That's what I miss doing. And I've recently read a few really good fanfictions, which always make me feel like I could write good fanfic, if only I had the drive to sit down with an idea, flesh it out fully, and then actually go all the way through writing it. It usually doesn't happen. I usually stop somewhere between coming up with an idea and sitting down to do anything about it. Sometimes I write down some notes for it, but that's usually where it ends.

Or maybe I could do something that actually needs doing: revising my thesis and sending it to the Pace Library so that they can publish it. My problem with that is there's no deadline on when I can send it to them. But I don't want to wait until after I start classes at Hunter, because then I probably won't have time to do any extra curricular writing, specially of that magnitude.

I miss typing even. I don't do enough of it anymore. Well, of course I type, but I don't do enough writing of any length to actually be satisfying. Most of the things I've written in the past two months have been short. A few sentences max. Well, I guess that settles it: tomorrow, when I sit at home and do nothing, I'll write something. Yay me.


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