Friday, September 18, 2009

Wedding Planning Update

We've still made no decisions. At all.


Well, we've decided that we don't usually like traditional wedding cakes, so we're pretty much sure we want a cheesecake. But that might actually be the only thing we've decided on so far.

So I'd like to just keep track of a few ideas for now.

Zach wants something fun, possibly slightly outrageous, and the funnier the better. He'd like something quirky which says "This is Zach and Rose's wedding." Basically, he wants it all to be individualized, and not at all generic. I agree.

While looking at The Knot, I came across some fun ideas, which I'd like to record here, so that they'll be easy for me to find, and to get anyone's opinion on them, if they feel like sharing.

A couple created comic book wedding invitations. More pictures are available at Heidi Ryder's blog, but I just think this idea is so cool.

This is awesome. My whole family is big on pictures. Each of my Aunts and Uncles has at least one wall of their house devoted to family pictures. My dad is special, so he has a whole room. But I would love to have a wall of our families' wedding pictures at the reception. I think that would be so special. Spectacular photo from Julia Newman.

Another idea that I absolutely love is this creative, 3-D photobooth photo wall. It would be beyond perfect. Photo via the incredibly talented Elizabeth Messina.


Kerrie said...

At Mike's sister's wedding, instead of a traditional guestbook, they set up a photobooth that everyone had their picture taken by. It was just a mirror with a camera inside of it, and a screen at the bottom where you could see the picture. It was soooo cool. People were holding up signs with messages and things. A very neat idea.

Kirsten said...

I love the comic book invite idea. Too cool

shrinking pants said...

Comic book!

Photo booth...also cool! And if you add a variety of frames, these make really nice favors!

Who doesn't love cheesecake? The only problem is it might be hard to have one with multiple tiers, if you want the look of a traditional cake. But if you don't care, I certainly don't!

How about having the wedding on a boat? Or out in Mattituck on the beach?

shrinking pants said...

Sorry, that's me...shrinkingpants...


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