Thursday, January 14, 2010

Timeline Save-the-Dates

Since Zach and I are getting married on a holiday weekend, we're supposed to send out save-the-dates earlier than we otherwise would (dates range from 8-12 months in advance). Since the big date is in 15 months, and I have absolutely no idea what we want to do for our save-the-dates, I figure that it's maybe a good time to start thinking about them.

First, our budget for save-the-dates is quite low, so my goal is to actually make them myself. We also don't want it to be simply a letter with the vital information, and we don't want a magnet either, since that has been so popular lately.

In the course of reading dozens of wedding blogs and magazines, I came across one idea that seemed particularly cute, and another, similar one resurfaced today via twitter.

Relationship Timeline Save-the-Dates.

This is the first one I found, on the wedding blog EVER, 100 Layer Cake (Brides magazine agrees with me, and I'll prove it to you someday), and I thought everything about it was adorable.

The second one is equally cute, and was posted by The Knot on Twitter.


Kim Egge said...

OOOO I like these hahah!

-Kimmmmmmmberly Eggs

Mariah said...

You should know that I'll be buying plane tickets the second they become available for those dates. Because I don't give a damn where I'm working or what I'm doing there's NO WAY I'M MISSING THIS.

Also I'm not sure what your budget for a photographer is but April has offered.

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