Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sad Day

Because David's Bridal is having their $99 sale right now, I decided to check out which dresses they're offering for such a scandalously low price.

And they have their one dress that I've always been in love with. It's an all-lace V-neck trumpet gown, which (I just found out) is normally between $799 and $849. I've included it before when I posted about more dresses that I love.

However, I've found a flaw. And it's a pretty big one. A deal-breaking one.

Somehow, David's Bridal has never show the dress's back. I've seen several pictures of it in catalogs and magazines, from different photo shoots, and the view is always from the front.

Apparently, though, I've never looked at the dress on the actual David's Bridal website. Because that's the only place they show the back of the dress.

And it plunges. Deep.

Crap. Well, back to the drawing boards.


Kerrie said...

You should try it on anyway! And lots of others! And I should come! *more anxious than you are*

Blammm said...

see the real key to finding a dress you like is to actually go shopping and try them on...

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