Thursday, February 4, 2010


I've been (obviously) spending a lot of time thinking about and planning the wedding recently, but before all this happened, I was obsessed with thinking about designing a future home. While young girls (apparently) dream all about their future weddings, I dreamed about my future home. I drew floor plans and clipped pictures from magazines of kitchens and living rooms.

I think, if I were to win the lotto, all I would want to do (after buying a house) is decorate that house. And I don't mean buy the newest and shiniest everything. I mean do it myself-paint the walls, find perfect kitschy decorations at thrift stores and garage sales, complete diy renovations of old wardrobes and bookcases.

Basically, what Design*Sponge does. Just look at these stunning pictures.

The gorgeous bedroom with the tree reminds me of what I had when I was younger (except this looks so much more professional!) and is in the same house as the adorable kitchen nook with the chalkboard-paint walls. I love the brilliant idea of using the table base as book storage, because holy moly do I need help storing books.

Which brings us to this gorgeous library. I know it's really only one wall, but a girl can dream.


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Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr