Thursday, February 4, 2010


Here are some of the details that didn't quite fit into my overall room theme of the last post. This is, again, a homage to Design*Sponge because they have SO MUCH GREAT STUFF on their blog and you should go read all of it and look at the pretty pictures.
The absolutely genius and adorable book book... well, I really have nothing witty to say about it. It looks perfect. And I want it. The end.

The desk also looks like the perfect combination of functionality and adorableness. I love the space and the clean white lines. I love all of the opportunities for storage and organization. I love the little candy (nut?) dispenser. I love the giant wall of personalized stuff.

This wreath is actually the reason I found this delightful blog (my wonderful friend Sam saw it and thought of me! THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU). I love that it's not a traditional holiday winter wreath with the holly and the evergreen boughs. I love that it's not a traditional spring/summer wreath with flowers and butterflies. It's perfect. It's late winter. It's the hope of spring.

And the ranunculus bouquet is just gorgeous. I love these flowers for so many different reasons, but I would love to more than anything to have little bunches of them in low vases decorating my rooms. I would LOVE to have a kitchen like this, but it would require me to gain some organization and tidiness skills that I have been lacking for the past 23 years. Maybe I'll find them someday. Maybe not. Either way, gorgeous kitchen. And guess what? The rest of the house is just as cute... wait for it... and realistic looking! It doesn't look like a display house, it looks like a real home that people actually live in. I love it.


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