Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Awesome Groomsmen Gift

I just saw this posted on Etsy, and thought it was amazing!

Part of the description reads "My husband created this custom poster as a gift for his groomsmen. Some of them used to be in a band together, so the theme was a concert poster promoting "The Groomsmen". The concert date corresponds with the wedding itinerary. The picture of the theater was a local venue in Savannah, GA where we got married. The words on the theater marque read 'Will their frontman take the plunge?' You get the idea. It's nice to give your close friends/relatives a more personal gift that involves some thought. Or, you could just get them cufflinks...."

I think this is SUCH a cool idea, and I feel like Zach and his groomsmen would love something like this. Obviously, since it's a custom item, it would be different, but this general idea is super cool.


Eric said...

You should make it a movie poster instead. The famous Reservoir Dogs walking scene pops to mind. Just a thought.

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