Monday, April 5, 2010


Zach and I have been house-hunting lately. I blame my father and Eric, for the most part. It's not Eric's fault so much, because he actually needs a house. But my father? He think it's a good investment. Well, it is, except for the small little problem that I currently have two part-time jobs to accommodate the fact that I'm still in grad school.

However, the fact that it's currently a buyer's market, Zach has some money saved up and he has a good credit score and I have a borderline great credit score makes us actually not in a terrible place to buy a house. Not a big house. A starter house.

We've been looking a lot on Long Island because, for the most part, it's more affordable than Queens. Yes, the taxes are higher, but houses are mostly cheaper and have bigger properties. Towns like Elmont have some surprisingly nice houses that are relatively cheap and the school district isn't bad. We've even found a couple houses in West Hemsptead that are completely affordable, and the West Hempstead school district is apparently really good. I mean, that's not just my opinion, that's according to grades and reviews found online.


Kerrie said...

*puts on real estate hat* It IS a good time to buy! Since the market went down the tubes, prices are super low, and the home buyer's credit was extended to ... well, April 30th. But I think I saw somewhere that a completed sale by June 30th will qualify also.

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