Thursday, January 22, 2009

Come On, Wii

So Zach is buying me a Wii Fit for my birthday because he's awesome and I wanted it so that I could exercise and have fun at the wame time. But he can't get it anywhere! No store has it. So I'd just like to say:

Wtf Wii. Can you PLEASE make more than 50 products a week for the entire world? Best Buy told him that they were going to get at least THREE (3) Wii Fits on Sunday. THREE!?!?! Having 3 Wii Fits counts as being properly stocked?? Wtf.

Thank you, I feel much better now.


Anonymous said...

pre order it from walmart they ship it to the store, and then you can pick it up when it's there so you don't have to pay for shipping

Kerrie said...

DUDE. Mike wanted to buy a Wii Fit with the Best Buy gift cards he got for Christmas, but yeah. None are available. Nintendo kinda sucks at the whole... stocking products efficiently thing.

And uh btw I have a blog now because it's contagious.


Anonymous said...

Nintendo did the same thing with the Wii, which it sounds stupid but they have a point. They do this to make sure that the parts or the consoles or anything they put out isn't faulty or anything like that before they go making 100 million of them, like what happened with xbox 360 and the whole first order of like 11 million are prone to the 'red ring of death'. So instead of having 11 million products that suck they make you wait to ensure quality, which is still annoying, but props to nintendo for trying hahaha

Rose said...

Oh I'm totally happy that the quality is awesome because I would die without my Wii... but I want the Fit! I waited 1 1/2 years for the Wii, and I feel like I've paid my dues towards being patient for Nintendo supplies. lol

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