Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Goals update

I just changed the title of this blog because I've let the 101 goals pretty much fall to the wayside. I edited the sidebar to match my current life; I took out almost half of the goals that I thought were impractical or implausible. I also added nine more goals that I want to accomplish specifically this semester.

I think it's important that I created a new set of goals that are completely attainable and realistic. Many of the goals on my original 101 goals list were near impossible, and there were quite a few that were attainable, but so ridiculous that I almost didn't want to do them. That makes no sense. Ergo... this new list.

Also, I would like to devote large chunks of this blog to tracking my wedding planning... which at this point is just me posting pictures of things that I like so that I have an easy way of keeping track of everything and sharing things with others.


Anonymous said...

i can teach you some really easy meals that are totally awesome!

Rose said...

That would be frakkin awesome!!!

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