Friday, January 16, 2009

Table Setting

I would love to have an outdoor wedding. To me, an outdoor wedding can be so many things that an indoor wedding can't. Simplistic. Pure. Realisitc. Beautiful. When I think of an indoor wedding in a reception hall, I see glitz and glitter and sparkling china and rows of silver utensils and miles of silk linens and I don't want that. It doesn't seem real. It seems produced. I want me wedding to look authentic and possibly yes, rustic, but I want it to be pure and simple. Just a dinner where everyone is getting together to celebrate how much Zach and I love each other. Is that so much to ask?
That's whwy I love this table setting so much. It's simplistic and lighthearted and lovely. Do you really need anything more? Two plates, a few utensils and two glasses for water and wine. Most everyone manages to eat dinner on a regular basis with fewer necessities, I feel like you don't need anything more complicated than this.
From a real wedding in New Jersey, via


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Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr