Friday, March 6, 2009

Hmmmm.... I like this one

Ten people who are no longer living who I would love to have met (and why).

In no apparent order:

1. Uncle Anthony: So much in my family revolves around the fact that Anthony isn't here. He died in Vietnam when he was younger than I am now. I wish I could have known him, and gotten to know him as an Uncle.

2. William Shakespeare: I shouldn't really have to explain this to anyone who knows me. I love this man. He was definitely brilliant, and probably a bit of a crackpot. He would be thrilling.

3. F.D.R.: He may have done some crooked things, but he also did some amazing things for this country, plus he had polio like my grandfather. I would just like to know what was going through his mind.

4. Jesus: Mostly just so that I could learn the whole true story of his life, and come back and prove so many crazy religious zealots wrong. I would like to emphasize the peace and love in his teachings, and diminish the psycho hate that they somehow think he wanted them all to feel.

5. Virginia Woolf: Just to listen to her speak. If her writing is so beautiful, I can only imagine what it was like to sit and listen to her talk.

6. Queen Elizabeth: That crafty, brilliant woman. I want to know how her brain worked, pick it apart and learn even a tenth of her secrets.

(This is surprisingly hard, btw.)

7. Walt Whitman: Have you ever read Leaves of Grass? He seemed like a pretty chill guy. I'd like to hang out with him.

8. My mom's Aunt Rose: When my mom was a teenager, Aunt Rose died, and my mom knew that she wanted to name her daughter after her, so I got my name. I'd love to meet the woman who my mom loved so much that she named me after.

(I just played with the Photobooth for 20 minutes to delay coming up with the last two people.)

Okay. I give up. I can't think of a 9 or 10. I mean, sure I could say someone like Gandhi or Abraham Lincoln, but I really don't have any personal investment in them, so it would just be a cliche that takes up space. So, I'll leave you with 8 people that I actually would have really liked to have met.

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Anonymous said...

how about me!!

Rose said...

... you're not dead Sam. lol

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