Monday, March 16, 2009

What does the future hold?

Where do you see yourself in five years?

This is a hard one

In five years I'll be 27. I know that I'm going to be married to Zach. I would like to have a kid by then, at least one. A girl, named Zoe. She'll have green eyes, freckles and dark brown hair. But I definitely haven't thought about that yet. I'm going to have a career, hopefully teaching high school English in a nice public school in Nassau County or Queens. We'll have a house, or a nice big garden apartment condo-thing somewhere in Queens.  We'll have a second dog, a mut that is hopefully part bulldog or pug. There will be a cute yard, with a swing-set and a garden with tomato and basil and dill and cucumbers. In the fall there will be pumpkins. In the summers we'll have one of those inflatable pools and there will be a barbeque. Each room in our home will be painted a different color, and each one will be charming. Our house is never quite clean, but it is definitely charming, with carefully chosen furniture and art that suits our style and budget. 

This is really scary to think about. 


Anonymous said...

We definitely think on the same brain wave with about 90% of everything in the whole world.

Nicole said...

You think of the weirdest specifics.

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