Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Here you go Kerrie

Describe your wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, suit etc, if male.

Thank you Kerrie
and the Prompt Generator. You know... I think I'm going to have to agree with Kerrie. I've never really thought about my ideal wedding. I definitely have never posted dress ideas on my blog before. And ideas about location? Definitely not at a vineyard on the North Shore of Long Island. Table settings? Who thinks about that? And seriously. I can't even being to fathom what I would like my cake to be. And I'm definitely not register at

With that out of the way, this dress here is is my favorite so far. I love the lace top and the detail on the bust and the hem. I love that it's partially flared, but not too extreme. It's beautiful.

Bridesmaid dresses, well I've pretty much decided (or been informed) that all of my bridesmaids don't have to wear the same dress. I love the idea that all of the dresses are made of the same material, but in different cuts and styles. That way, there is a sense of uniformity, but everyone feels comfortable and beautiful in the dress of their choice. Alfred Angelo has the idea down pat, although I'm not madly in love with any one of his dresses. As for color, I'm intrigued by royal (or dark) blue and a sort of evergreen.

My selection of bridesmaids very much depends on how large of a bridal party Zach and I decide to have. We want something smallish, and we're both huge fans of balance, so I wouldn't want to have more bridesmaids than Zach has groomsmen.

I've pretty much always known I've wanted an outdoor wedding. I've envisioned getting married on the beach, in the redwood forest, in an open field. Scenic nature shot? I've wanted it. But... a vineyard on the North Shore is perfect. Zach loves it. I love it. It's near where my parent's got married. It's near Mattituck. The whole family can come because it's not that far, but it's still far enough that it will be interesting. This summer we're going to tour a bunch of vineyards looking for the perfect look. We're looking for second (and third and fourth) opinions, so whoever would like to come with us is more than welcome!

Zach wants a gazebo. I vaguely want to be barefoot. He doesn't want any religion. Neither do I, but I would love if my cousin Brian (who's a minister) would marry us.

Oh God the flowers. The flowers are going to be extravagant. That's inevitable. My mother's boss at the Flower Shoppe promised to do my flowers when I was ten. I want hydrangeas. Preferably in every shade of blue, pink and purple. And roses and tulips and lilacs. How perfect would spring green bridesmaid dresses look with an arrangement of beautiful pinks, blues and purples? Flowers make me so much more excited than almost everything else.

Oh, and Nikki and my cousin Kayleigh have both promised me that they're going to learn how to make wedding cakes so that they can maybe make mine. That would be so awesome.
I'd love something completely personal and not at all generic. And tasty. It has to be tasty. Maybe chocolate with raspberry? Or chocolate and mint? Or red velvet? Or cheesecake? Maybe I'll just have a dozen different smaller cakes and people could chose. That would be sweet. Oh. And there will be a chocolate fountain. You just wait and see.

Oh, and our Engagement Party is going to be on June 28th at my parent's house. Save the date. Invitations will be going out as soon as I find some that don't cost as much as my rent.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you and half of me cant even believe it! And i think that dress is gorgeous and it will FABULOUS on you!

Kerrie said...

Hi, can you get married tomorrow please? I cannot wait any longer. :-D

Nicole said...

ok... I don't think I said "promise" per se. I think I said "I'll try." B/c I totally don't want to fail and then you have a cake that looks like Turbo made. And by made, I mean came out of his ass.

Rose said...

LMAO thanks Nikki. I said you would try to learn. All that promises is that you will bake me at least one cake that I can try. You don't have to succeed at all, or make the cake for my wedding. I give points for trying.

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