Monday, March 9, 2009

No work, but more pretties!

Ok, so obviously I'm not doing all that much work here. But I have tutored three students so far, so I feel like I'm not slacking terribly.

That being said, I have found even more things that I love on the Martha Stewart Wedding page.

First, two receptions that are awesome. The first is another awesome tent that looks both charmingly outdoors while still being sheltered from whatever weather is there. I LOVE the red and blue paper lanterns, and while the white tablecloth, folding chairs and centerpieces are a bit too monochromatic for me, the lanterns look awesome.

The second reception is taking place in a barn, and the couple got all of the chairs from flea markets and garage sales. I think the idea is quirky and cute, but I think I'd like to just have normal chairs, thanks. But omg, the trees. They're in pots in the picture, and were planted on their farm later on as part of a ceremony the next day. I think that's fricking adorable.

The second thing that I found that I'm in love with is adorable dessert tables. The first wedding had a normal cake and this cute desserts on the side, and really, who wouldn't love these? They're perfect! Also, they were made by the bride's aunt, who's a pastry chef. How come I don't have any pastry chefs in my family? And those umbrellas? I could just die!

But this second wedding, they don't have a normal cake... these freaking cute little desserts ARE the wedding cake. Look, there's the little bride and groom on top. Don't you just want to eat all of it?


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Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr