Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pink and Green

For the wedding's color palette, I've been wavering between Pink/Green and Blue/Green. As much as I love blue, I'm leaning strongly towards pink/green.

However, I hate hot pink. And I'm not sure if I want a vibrant pink. I would prefer a softer, paler pink if possible. I've even been thinking of a peach or coral instead of/or with a pink.

I've been on the fence about it, but after seeing yesterday's 100 Layer Cake post, I'm thinking that might be the way I'll try to go.

Guest Blogger, Snippet and Ink writes

I love playing with colors, seeing if I can make predictable color palettes new, or pairing colors that might not seem obvious together. Pink and green is still a favorite for weddings, and I imagine it always will be, but it can come across as saccharine and unsophisticated. Black tones down the sweetness, and makes it all look chic.

Palette: melon-mint green, pale grapefruit pink, black avocado.

Here are a few more color palettes that incorporate peaches and corals that I like.

A gorgeous collection of coral Etsy products.

A really cute celery and peach palette.

A nice peach, orange and aqua one. I don't love the orange, but the peach is really cute.

I also really like this spring-themed collection - the flowers are my favorite part.

All of these palettes are from The Perfect Palette, a delightful blog that has very pretty, creative wedding palettes.


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Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr