Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Prompt: Is writing a form of self therapy?

Well, my first official prompt. I crack myself up sometimes. I decided to do daily prompts like Kerrie is doing, and then completely slacked off before I even started. I'm so lame.

So anyway, my first prompt is "Is writing a form of self therapy?"

And really, how perfect could this be? It's like the imagination prompt generator read my mind!

Lol. Or it could just be a freak coincidence.

Anyway. Writing in journals is definitely a form of self therapy for me. I've filled dozens of notebooks worth of rantings and ramblings. I vent in my notebooks. I mull through difficult decisions. I pour my heart out. Writing helps me organize my thoughts so that when I go to talk to somebody about my opinions or problems, I actually have an organized idea of what I want to say. Also, it helps pass the time and it's fun.

I also love creative writing as a form of expressing myself. As a child, I was extremely creative, so writing gave me an avenue to express my creativity without doing anything too crazy. I'm also an avid reader, and I think that everyone who loves reading has, at least at one point or another in their lives, wanted to write.

Also, I discovered something amusing over the weekend: sometimes I think as if I'm writing. I'm not contemplating what I would write in a given situation, I'm actually seeing myself typing (or writing by hand), seeing the words appear, writing to a specific audience. It's fun, and I know that I didn't just start doing this; I just became aware of it.


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